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HR Professionals, Workforce Engagement Leaders and Health and Safety Professionals love what we do!  We make your job easier by helping you become even more valuable to your company when you partner with us.  Let us do the hard work.

Wellness Events Health and Wellness Fairs are customized events for employees of medium to large businesses and members of private clubs. 

We bring the best local and national vendors for your event, including:

  • Healthcare service and product companies

  • Wellness experts

  • Beauty and fitness practices

  • Life coaches

  • Financial services

  • Non-profit health organizations

  • ...and more


Give your employees the products, services, and education they need to create a healthy lifestyle at home and at work!


Our professional team has over 30 years of combined experience in organizing and producing consumer events of all sizes, as well as in creating wellness event programs for large corporations.  

Based upon our experience and research, we realized that a turnkey health and wellness event planning and execution service was both wanted and needed by a variety of companies and organizations.  As a result, Wellness Events was created.

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Jennifer Baker


Shelby Stevenson

Sales and Event Manager

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